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How Do You Set up a Bearded Dragon Enclosure?

Bearded Dragon enclosure is basically a tank in which they usually live or spend their livelihood. These dragons can become great pets if you take good care of them.  When you plan to buy this dragon, then first, you need to plan for their excellent habitat. The animals which are being used as a pet… Read More »

Where Should I Put My Hamster Cage?

Hamsters are a rare pet but they make a very cute pet and people absolutely love to keep them. But like other animals which can be kept as pets, keeping and taking care of hamster is not that easy and can often pose various types of challenges. There are a lot of essentials which are… Read More »

See What Others Are Saying About North Paws

“North Paws are a life saver for busy pet parents! Trustworty and my puppy loved getting a mid-day walk while I was at work! He loved his new friend so much he looked for them at the front door when I got home from work! Would highly recommend!” -Taylor in Fishers “I’m new to the Indianapolis area… Read More »

Here’s How North Paws is Different

Same Day Bookings Stuck at the office and can’t make it home? No problem. With North Paws, you can request a service as little as an hour before the visit time. And best of all: we won’t charge you extra, no matter what. No Cancellation Fees Life happens and plans change. You shouldn’t be penalized… Read More »

What’s So Special About North Paws Pet Care?

North Paws Pet Care sets itself apart from other dog walking companies in Indianapolis by offering: PEACE OF MIND: North Paws Pet Care is fully bonded and insured, meaning that you know your pets are taken care of, no matter what. PROFESSIONAL CARE: All North Paws “Pet Pals” are employees, NOT independent contractors.  This means each… Read More »