Meet the Pet Pals!
(and their pets)

Matt North
Matt North is the heart and soul behind North Paws Pet Care.  He has a strong passion for all animals, but especially for dogs.  After several years working in the pet industry in places like doggy daycare and pet retail stores, Matt decided it was time to pursue his dream, and North Paws was born.  Since then, he prides himself on making the world a better place for pets, and helping dog lovers everywhere ensure their pups are getting the best care possible while they’re away.

Carly is one of North Paws’ beloved Pet Pals!  Carly not only loves all of the pets we care for at North Paws, but they love her, too!  (And so do our human clients.)  After just one midday visit, you’ll see why so many of our human clients request Carly as their pup’s Pet Pal!  She’s fun, always peppy, and gets the pups excited to go for their daily walks.  We guarantee Carly will be your pup’s new best friend!

Catrina North
Catrina is Matt’s wife and the proud supporter of his dream of owning a dog walking business and making the world a better place for pups and their owners.  After working 60+ hours a week in the hotel sales industry for three years straight, it didn’t take long for Matt to convince her that she should quit her job and manage the day to day operations of North Paws.  She now works mostly behind the scenes, taking care of billing, scheduling, and the daily office operations.  Need to schedule a meet & greet?  Need to cancel or add a visit?  You’ll probably talk to Catrina!  She is very passionate and active in making sure that your every pet need is met with the highest standard of service.

Nick is the newest member of our team, but he caught on so fast and all the pups love him so much that it feels like he’s been with us since day 1!  Nick actually came to work with North Paws because his friend, Carly, said he would be a great dog walker, and boy was she right.  He fits right in as a fellow animal lover with the North Paws team, and we are confident that both you and your pets will be glad he’s helping us out.  Welcome to the team, Nick!

Our Own Fur-Babies!

Catrina and Matt’s Pups
Matt and Catrina rescued Phoenix when he was about a year old.  They now believe him to be an Anatolian Shepherd mix (though they’ve thought he was about a hundred other breeds, too), mainly due to his size (100 pounds of muscle!) and personality.   He has an adorable goofy side, which comes out mostly when he’s laying around or playing with his brother and sister.  He’ll never say it out loud, but he’s super happy that Mom and Dad brought Baloo home last year.  You might even call them best friends.
Marley Jane is a 6 year old red Siberian Husky that Matt has raised from a young pup to the beautiful gal she is today.  A typical husky, Marley loves to do tricks and behave…when it suits her.  That’s okay, though, because she’s just so darn cute and fluffy that she gets away with being a bit stubborn sometimes.
Marley and Baloo both like to go to work with Dad every now and then to meet other dogs and play!  Socialization play dates with Baloo and Marley are a great way to make sure your pup has great manners!
Baloo is the youngest of the three North pups at just 1 year old, but he still weighs just as much as Phoenix!  Matt and Catrina think he’s some sort of Shar Pei and giant breed mix.  At his young age, he still isn’t quite sure where his nose starts and his tail ends, so he has a funny habit of running into things (including his owners and siblings).  Aside from being a bit clumsy, Baloo is the friendliest dog we’ve ever met!  He loves giving big sloppy kisses, and to him, there’s no such thing as a stranger.  He loves other dogs, too, and has taken a special liking to Phoenix!  Matt and Catrina never thought they’d find a pet who could keep up with Phoenix, but Baloo is definitely the one!
Carly’s Pup
Photo Credit: Carly Secrest
Oliver is Carly’s one year old Sheltie!  He is a tiny little guy, but has the energy of a hamster on an adrenaline rush!  Oliver loves to show you how excited he is by going through his repertoire of communications:  bark, spin in a circle, jump on the couch, bark again, jump a little more, spin some more!!!  He is definitely an entertainer.  Should he ever decide to audition on Broadway, North Paws will be there supporting him 100%!  All joking aside, though, it is very clear that he has a special place in his rapidly beating little heart for his loving Mom.